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 Menu ‘t Fornuis     € 27,75


Goat`s cheese, baked in puff pastry served with honey and salad

Half a dozen snails with garlic butter

Salad with Parma ham and lemon chicken, with a bleu cheese dressing

Venison burger and venison sausages on a sauerkraut salad served with apple balsamico dressing


Pepper steak with brandy-cream sauce

Salmon with a rocket potatoe mash and herb butter

B’stilla, Moroccan dish with filo dough filled with carrots, zucchini and nuts. A lovely combination of sweet and

savoury (vegetarian or with chicken)

Braised lam in Rioja wine, with chorizo and garlic


Crème brulee, baked custard with caramel topping

Dame Blanche, vanilla ice-cream with hot chocolate sauce

Nougat parfait with toffee sauce


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